Freedom From Choice?

January 19th, 2011

By Larry Velez

CES – the largest consumer electronics show in the world – just ended. So many gadgets. So many choices.

From the Atrix, a smartphone so powerful it can run a laptop; to 3D TVs that don’t flicker (not to be confused with Flickr); to the Bloggie – Sony’s affordable 3D camcorder; to a Polaroid camera that can print…designed by none other than Lady Gaga!

More choices…

iPhone is now on Verizon It’s the democratization of the iPhone and people love it!

This is a strange and interesting paradox. While people love the iPhone because of its inherent simplicity and ease of use, as opposed to cell phones with many other options (remember, the iPhone did not even offer MMS until last year), when they have too few choices (having to use AT&T), they rebel!

In Barry Schwartz’s 2004 book "The Paradox of Choice" he argues, quite convincingly, how and why the abundance of choice in modern society is actually making us miserable, feeling more like restraints than freedom.

We see this everyday... Our customers want more options but want to expend less time and money. They want simplicity in their technology department to free their minds to work on other aspects of their businesses.

All of us here at Sinu spend a lot of time thinking about the right balance between a plethora of technology choices and simplicity, finding ways to strike the right balance in each piece of IT.

Whether there will be a stampede of people to Verizon stores to trade their BlackBerries for iPhones come February, or whether the next great technology comes from somewhere unforeseen, we are working hard to explore all the complex choices, recommend the best solutions, and strive to make IT decisions simpler for our customers.